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Welcome to Michelle Branch Fan, your newest and first source dedicated to Grammy winning singer/songwriter Michelle Branch. You may know Michelle from her hit singles "Everywhere", "All You Wanted" or "Stand Still, Look Pretty" with The Wreckers. We aim to provide you the most complete and comprehensive content of Michelle.


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project img Single: Loud Music (2011)
First Single of Third Album
Release: July 14, 2011
Status: Available via Itunes
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project img Album: West Coast Time (2011)
Third Solo Studio Album
Release: Fall 2011
Status: Waiting for Release
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project img EP: The Loud Music Hits (2011)
A hits compilation
Release: August 29, 2011
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project img Other Projects: The Sugar Bar
Bakery Shop
Release: Unknown
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project img EP: Everything Comes and Goes (2010)
Six Track Extended Play
Release: July 19, 2010 (Itunes)
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• 06/01: VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live
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• 06/10: Sophie 103.7 Radio Visit
• 06/14: Single release "Loud Music"
• 06/17: Warner Bros Records Showcase
• 06/24: 8 Year Anniversary "Hotel Papers"
• 07/02: Michelle's 28th Birthday
• 08/14: 10 Year Anniversary "The Spirit Room"
• 09/??: Album release "West Coast Time"

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Archive for the ‘Gallery Updates’ Category

February 27, 2014   •  Category: Appearances, Gallery Updates0 Comments

I’ve added photos of Michelle at the Lexus Live On Grand At The 3rd Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Festivals back on (August 24th, 2013) Check out the 28 HQ photos of the event.



Gallery Link:

-Public Appearances & Events > 2013> August 24: Lexus Live On Grand At The 3rd Annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival

February 27, 2014   •  Category: Appearances, Gallery Updates0 Comments

I’ve added photos of Michelle at the Warner Music Group Annual Grammy Celebration back on (January 26th) Check out the 31 HQ photos in the gallery.


Gallery Link:

February 27, 2014   •  Category: Appearances, Gallery Updates0 Comments

Michelle attended the 11th Annual Global Green Pre- Oscar Party on  (February 26th)  I’ve added 54 HQ photos to the gallery.


Gallery Link:



April 25, 2012   •  Category: Gallery Updates0 Comments

We came cross two photos of Michelle during a 80′s theme photoshoot with photographer Brian Bowen Smith earlier this week. We are not sure it was for a magazine, or just for ‘fun’. Ariana Trinneer, Shea Bowen-Smith, Billy Howerdel and Connor Trinneer were also part of the shoot.

Update: We just realized Michelle tweeted about going to a 80′s themed party, so these photos are of her during the party. They probably just took some photos for fun.

Gallery links:
Photoshoots from 2012 > Brian Bowen Smith

March 12, 2012   •  Category: Gallery Updates0 Comments

Look like Michelle did another photoshoot with photographer Reid Rolls yesterday, who also shot the West Coast Time” shoot, because she tweeted yesterday: “Had the best time shooting today with @reidrolls and @jorycordy Got to wear some awesome @steven_alan garb“.

Photographer Reid Rolls posted a on set photo of with Michelle on his twitter account. We are not sure for what the photoshoot was, but maybe they shot some additional photos for the “West Coast Time” promo? We are excited anyway, since we the first time Michelle & Reid collaborated.

Gallery Links:
Studio Photoshoots > Behind the Scenes > 2012: Reid Rolls & Jory Cordy

February 25, 2012   •  Category: Gallery Updates, Interviews, Library Updates0 Comments published a new article earlier this month featuring Michelle. She mad a (food) diary from a few days. We added the article in our press archive and the new photo attached to the article in our gallery.

Pop singer Michelle Branch will be an official live-tweeter for the Grammys this Sunday, but you’re more likely to see photos of her soup dumplings than her favorite songs pop up on her feed these days. “I talk more about food on Twitter than music, and sometimes people stop me on the street and ask me to stop tweeting about food,” Branch says. “They say it makes them hungry.” Branch was nominated for several Grammy awards herself in the early aughts, winning one for her work with Carlos Santana.
Read full interview

Gallery Links:
Photoshoots from 2012 > Lesley Balla []