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Welcome to Michelle Branch Fan, your newest and first source dedicated to Grammy winning singer/songwriter Michelle Branch. You may know Michelle from her hit singles "Everywhere", "All You Wanted" or "Stand Still, Look Pretty" with The Wreckers. We aim to provide you the most complete and comprehensive content of Michelle.


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Current Projects
project img Single: Loud Music (2011)
First Single of Third Album
Release: July 14, 2011
Status: Available via Itunes
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project img Album: West Coast Time (2011)
Third Solo Studio Album
Release: Fall 2011
Status: Waiting for Release
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project img EP: The Loud Music Hits (2011)
A hits compilation
Release: August 29, 2011
Status: Released
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Other Projects
project img Other Projects: The Sugar Bar
Bakery Shop
Release: Unknown
Status: In progress
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Past Music Projects
project img EP: Everything Comes and Goes (2010)
Six Track Extended Play
Release: July 19, 2010 (Itunes)
Status: Available at Itunes
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Key Dates
• 06/01: VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live
• 06/05: 104.4 MYfm Radio Visit
• 06/10: Sophie 103.7 Radio Visit
• 06/14: Single release "Loud Music"
• 06/17: Warner Bros Records Showcase
• 06/24: 8 Year Anniversary "Hotel Papers"
• 07/02: Michelle's 28th Birthday
• 08/14: 10 Year Anniversary "The Spirit Room"
• 09/??: Album release "West Coast Time"

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Genre: Country/Pop
Label: Reprise Nashville
Release: July 19, 2010

Everything Comes and Goes (2010)

Producers: John Leventhal, John Shanks
Single(s): “Sooner or Later”

01. Ready to Let You Go [2:53]
Written by: M. Branch, J. Leventhal | Produced by: Leventhal, R. DePofi

02. Sooner or Later [03:07]
Written by: M. Branch, H. Lindsey, J. Shanks | Produced by: Shanks

Full track list

Genre: Country
Label: Maverick/Warner Bros. Nashville
Release: May 23, 2006

Stand Still, Look Pretty (2006)

Producers: Michelle Branch, Rick Depoli, John Leventhal, John Shanks, Paul Worley
Single(s): “Leave the Pieces”, “My, Oh My”, “Tennessee”

01. Leave the Pieces [03:31]
Written by: B. Austin, J. Hanson

02. Way Back Home [03:18]
Written by: M. Branch, J. Harp

Full track list

Genre: Pop/Rock/Alternative
Label: Maverick
Release: June 24, 2003

Hotel Paper (2003)

Producers: Josh Abraham, Rick DePofi, John Leventhal, John Shanks, Greg Wells
Single(s): “Are You Happy Now ?”, “Breathe”, “‘Til I Get over You”

01. Intro [00:12]
Written by: M. Branch

02. Are You Happy Now ? [03:50]
Written by: M. Branch, J. Shanks | Produced by: J. Shanks

Full track list